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Shashwat N Munshi

10th CBSE

Studying with Eminent Academy provides an enjoyable opportunity to engage with up-to-date academic ideas in a variety of disciplines, with like-minded people, guided by enthusiastic and knowledgeable lecturers.

Yashendu Joshi

9th GSEB

It sounds too good to be true but studying at Eminent Academy is truly remarkable. The standard of teaching is incredible, small tutorial groups and a friendly atmosphere! Staff are really enthusiastic!

Ishan Chatterjee

7th ICSE

Excellent teaching in fantastic facilities. The use of tutorials also allows for better understanding of topics, as you are able to address any unclear points from lecturers. Also by having such small tutorial groups, you are really able to test your knowledge of the subject.

Shivangi Singh

12th ICSE Maths

The course has been taught to an incredibly high standard, enabling me to understand the finer aspects of the Maths whilst gaining a broader working knowledge of various areas.

Testimonials | What Students Say About Us